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Galaw Lokal Dance Competition

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Galaw Lokal is this year’s addition to CIIT’s PHantasya V’s annual competition in traditional and digital arts. It is the integration of a dance competition with dance as an art form as well wherein human movement becomes the medium for sensing, understanding, and communicating ideas, feelings, and experiences. The goal of the said competition is to engage students in artistic expressions through kinesthetic execution.


1. The dance piece can be composed of any dance genre: street dance, hiphop, jazz, break dance, etc. or combination of any, provided there is an inclusion or MashUP with Philippine Culture and Arts.

2. The dance competition is open to dance groups of participating high schools in Phantasya V. Each group must be composed of 7 to 12 members, all male / all female / or mix.

3. Each participating group is required to register and submit the following:
a. Completely filled out registration form
b. Group write up, maximum of 100 words
c. Registration Fee of P500.00

4. Registration Fee can be paid at the General Assembly (Details TBA). Registration form will be distributed as well.

All requirements must be submitted after the General Assembly or thru email csdc@ciit.edu.ph on or before February 28, 2015. The dance group will only be included in the official list of contestants of the dance competition upon submission of complete requirements.

5. Dance routine should be a minimum of three (3) minutes and maximum of five (5) minutes performance. Lacking or exceeding of the allowed time duration will result to .10 point deduction each.

6. All songs in the performance piece must be appropriate and suitable for any age. Foul taste in music such as profanity, explicit lyrics will result to .10 point deduction.

7. Groups may wear any costume/attire provided that costumes are decent and secured. Philippine Culture inspired costumes is an additional .10 point.

For more information please contact:
Mark Jim Callos

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