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In the Middle: Musiqality

June 1, 2009 3 comments

@ the 1st Philippine Hip Hop Convention

Musiqality’s Multiply Account

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In the Middle: Zero Gravity

November 6, 2008 4 comments

This post is due. Yes. I’ve been slacking again. Ladies and Gents. Let me present Tacloban’s finest – Zero Gravity.

The Crew was formed in June of 2004 when Eastern Visayas State University conducted an audition to form the school’s first official hiphop dance group. Out of all those who have auditioned, 16 were hand picked to compose the new crew.

What’s interesting with them boys is their name.  According to them, the Zero Gravity name for the crew came from combining two shirts. It was in their first inter-school competition that they were asked for the name of their group and at that time one member is wearing a shirt with “Zero” and another with “Gravity” and so the name was made.

Then came the current leader and choreographer of Zero Gravity, Jayson Labaclado. Seeking favor from his former instructor (and the adviser of the crew) to be part of a group, he was allowed in and the group then had a series of performances in school events.

It was in January of 2007  that there came another challenge. There was a conflict in the Performing Arts on where to put the newly created dance group. This caused the school to have two dance troupes. The hiphop crew was turned over to SamLeYaw of the Performing arts. And that was the time when the Zero Gravity crew decided to part ways. This is when they decided to test themselves.

They tried joining dance competitions and as most would have experienced, they ended up with nothing. They literally started with ZERO but that didn’t stop them from striving for excellence. With God’s grace and blessing accomplishments started to line up. The name slowly gets the recognition and they grew hungry to test themselves. They even reached Leyte to compete. This is when they decided to go and try the nationals and ended up as on of Visayas’ representatives in WSB Groove Finals in Manila.

Gotta give it up to this crew! Stay humble you guys!

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In the Middle: Bandila Fusion

October 27, 2008 Leave a comment

In just a year, this group has achieved so much that you just can’t take notice of their talent and style. I first saw these guys over at Groove Manila finals and man, they really rocked it with their own flavor. Anyway, I got this from their multiply site:

Birth Date: MAY 27 2007 BaNdIla FuSiOn – 1 FLAG,1 COUNTRY, 1 PEOPLE,1 MOVE….

Bandila Fusion dance crew is a group of young people from all over Mindanao that have been brought together by friendship and a strong passion for dancing. Established only last May 2007, this group has, to date, 22 members,, has had a string of activities, and awards and achievements as follows:

  • 2008 Groove Unlimited & Killerbee Hybreed Dance Project – CHAMPION
  • 2008 Groove Urban Dance Battle, CDO – TOP 10 FINALIST
  • 2008 Coca-Cola Musicola Hip-hop Dance Challenge – 2ND RUNNER-UP
  • 2008 Groove Stylz3 Dance Competition PAIRS CATEGORY- CHAMPION
  • 2007 Sony Ericsson “SHAKE IT” Dance Competition – CHAMPION
  • 2007 Certified Sayaw Idol –3RD RUNNER-UP
  • 2007 Groove Stylz2 DANCE Competition – CHAMPION

we aim no perfection but friendship among is not about you, not us, but HIM!!! DANCING is Our PASSION. For in every MOVE we Show our hunger. For in every STEP we display our POWER. For in every SWEAT we develop SUPREMACY. For in every performance we deploy our COURAGE. Every GROOVE reflects our battlefield. We do get hurt in the process, but we refuse to stop and so we LEARN. New SKILLS, new ARSENAL. We continue to MOVE. everything is filled with challenges and its never empty. Its not just a DANCE. Its laying our LIFE before the eyes of those who understand the same LANGUAGE..

Maya Kikuchi
ping Angel
Carlo Chua
Mark Gonzales
Ian Aquino
Dilam Calig-onan
Ivon Talaban
Earl Roldan
Miko Roldan
Pax Sorrosa
Rab Bartolome
John Bondal
Jack Manolo
Riki Lim
Pamblo Balones
Edz Castillo
Nikki Dela Peña
Marie Ingles
Yep Morales

Bandila Fusion in Groove Manila Finals

Bandila Fusion Multiply site

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In the Middle: Groove Unlimited

October 17, 2008 9 comments

Who could have forgotten this “Jokers” from the recently concluded WSB Groove Manila Finals? Man, they may not have managed to get to the top 4 but they really brought it down in the competition. I’d say their performance is one of the night’s highlight. And this is enough for them to get featured in Dance Manila’s In the Middle! Spotlight on them please!

Groove (grōōv), n. a channel or furrow: v. to listen, dance, chill-out, harmonize or enjoy
Unlimited (un-lim’i-ted), adj. without limit; infinite, unrestricted, unrestrained, boundless, unconstrained, indefinite, ad lib, bottomless.

The Groove Unlimited is a Davao City (Philippines) based urban-dance crew composed of students and young professionals who spare their extra time cultivating their skills in order to relieve them from the stresses of their everyday lives, and as well as to complement their academic training with physical activities and social inter-action. For almost 8 years now, the crew has managed to survive and excel in the local entertainment scene given the pressures of their engagements and the responsibilities they each carry in their home, school and work. The Groove Unlimited grew up learning from the benefits of media and meeting other crews, choreographers, and directors. Having no experience in formal dance training, the crew continues to seek education and improvement from anything they lay their hands on and from anyone who whole-heartedly offers guidance or help in whatever form.

Through the years, the Groove Unlimited has developed a certain level of awareness and concern that lead them to initiate an assembly of dancers they call the Groove Unlimited Dance Community. This alliance was built in order to bridge the gap between crews of different levels of experience and bring them together to share their passion with each other.

The Groove Unlimited, through the Groove Unlimited Dance Community aims, not only to cultivate potentials and improve skills, but also to promote goodwill among the local performers. And through “Groove Stylz”, the crew is making an effort to reform the dance community in our area, wherein in this very simple event, sub-activities are conducted in order to address the issues concerning the dance community as whole.

In the near future, Groove Unlimited hopes to develop and bring out individuals that will contribute to the pride and honor of our country in whatever field.

“to unite at least a part of our society through sharing our passion in our craft”

Anyway, here’s a sample of their dance routines:

WSB Groove Manila Finals:

Hit the group up over in YouTube or in their Multiply space if you want more of these group.

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In the Middle: EauJ Corpuz

October 3, 2008 1 comment

We’ve seen major talents in the Laid Back style already and I’m quite excited to show you guys this man who’s really amazing at whacking and well… everything else. He’s EauJ Corpuz and he’d usually teach at Groove Central every Saturday. He also choreographed and performed a piece in the Phil.Allstar’s Choreographer’z Birth dance concert.I guess most of you guys have heard of him already anyway, without further adeu(sp?) here’s the man! Let’s warm it up with a little laid back then some whacking vids:

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In The Middle : an intro

September 15, 2008 2 comments

Everyone knows how small the Hip Hop/Dance Industry is in our country (Philippines). And everyone has a fair share of which crew or which people are which. Dance Manila is launching a new segment in our blog called – In the Middle. “In The Middle”-articles gives the spotlight on amazingly talented dancers/choreographers in our country. This will be in our routine of postings so do give back a hit from time to time. In the Middle aims to help everyone get to know local talents and hopefully inspiring others along the way. Dance Manila is going to try this experiment out and try out at the very least – an artist – a week. Hopefully, you guys back us up! Just like dancing – stay calm and in the middle of the crowd, you drop bomb!

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