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A.S.P.H.A.L.T. 2 (A Serious Popping, Hiphop,and Locking Tournament) [12.08.13]

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One of the biggest events in Philippine battle history is back!! With over 133 battlers last year!!!! 70+ for Hiphop Preselection alone! How far will we go this year?

Pinoy Funk’in Styles and Collab Crew in partnership with Brewing Point Dance Studio, The Rooftop, and Move MNL


A.S.P.H.A.L.T 2 (A Serious Popping, Hiphop, and Locking Tournament)
Date: December 8, 2013 (Sunday)
Time: Registration 1PM, Preselection 3PM
Venue: Meralco, Multi-Purpose Hall
Battle Fee: P150 (P100 if registered online)
Audience Fee: P120
DJ: Arthur Tan
Hosts: Switch Sonza and Christian Lao

-SAS CREW, winner of Challenge Cup Taiwan 2013! Pinoy pride!
-Collab Crew, tribute piece to real Hiphop! Real recognize real!
-Xybroid Clan, Buck overload!

*Period: November 18- December 7,2013
*Walk-ins or those who will register on the day itself will still be allowed to join the battle but will have to pay P150 (instead of P100).

1 on 1 Popping, 1 on 1 Locking, 1 on 1 Hiphop

JUDGES (1 judge per category)
POPPING: Ian Villanueva
LOCKING: Luke Lasam
HIPHOP: Pathway Yoshi

Trophy, certificate, gift packs from sponsors, and bragging rights!!:)

-Preselection is a “showcase” type that will be held at the start of each category.1 minute each will be given to showcase their dance to a random song of that category.
-Top 16 will be selected from the pool of pre-selectionists.
Battlers will then draw lots to determine their position on the battle map.
-Top 16- top 8: 1 round each; 1 min per round.
-Top 8- top 4 (quarter finals): 2 rounds each, 1 min per round
-Top 4 -top 2 (semi finals): 2 rounds each, 1 min per round
-Top 2 (finals): 3 rounds each, 1 min per round.
* Spin-the-bottle will be done to determine who goes first. In case of a tie, another 1 minute round per battler will be given as a tiebreaker.

See y’all there!

For inquiries, please feel free to post. 🙂

ONLINE REGISTRATION. This will only be a list of those who registered online. This will NOT be your order in the preselections. 🙂

1. Kharl Alvin C. Cordero
2. Vin Castaneda
3. Viva Aquino
4. Jomattz Quiambao
5. Neil Samarista
6. Joshua Bersamin Nora
7. Jaewook Park
8. Reflex Gotangco
9. John Samuel Lozano Villanueva
10. Christopher Sy
11. Eyang Recoter
12. Martin Riggs Nunez
13. Sebastien Ranchez
14. Ramo Bais
15. Paulpete Cercenia
16. John Ray Castillo
17. Jomo Tan
18. Alexander Mari Dela Cruz
19. Mesael Carthy
20. Broderic Dytoc
21. David Aquino
22. Johndel Artny Bautista
23. Calvin Keith Rebong
24. 002
25. Mel Ryan Peter Tanael
26. Paolo Angelino Guerrero
27. Migo Morales
28. Kristina Cabochan
29. Luke Lasam
30. Evrl Roxvs
31. Robie Punsalan
32. Mark Jim Callos
33. Pathway Denti Yoshi
34. Daniel Dwaine Gueco Gadores
35. Markie Laderas
36. Lloyd Kevin Ambrosio
37. Vergil Drew Bermudo
38. Rafael Bleza Tagaysay
39. Geo Santos
40. Gicell Sande

1. Kharl Alvin C. Cordero
2. Vin Castaneda
3. John Paul Javier Faustino
4. Jomattz Quiambao
5. Leio CarLo
6. Jaewook Park
7. Borgy Bagahansol
8. Herby YoungGtrix Dcp
9. John Samuel Lozano Villanueva
10. Christopher Sy
11. Raffy Gonzales
12. Karl Francisco
13. Daniel Mendoza
14. Jeofrey Joseph Melchor
15. David Canomay
16. Angelo KidAdrum Noel Singson
17. Ramo Bais
18. Paulpete Cercenia
19. John Ray Castillo
20. Miko Arce
21. Jomo Tan
22. Lawrence Tapalla
23. Mesael Carthy
24. Toni Enriquez
25. Lucksley Maravilla RN
26. Mel Ryan Peter Tanael
27. Paolo Angelino Guerrero
28. Kristina Cabochan
29. Angelo Sotelo Deguzman
30. Mark Jim Callos
31. Vergil Drew Bermudo
32. Hsiuchang Wang
33. Bryan Calimlim

1. Kharl Alvin C. Cordero
2. John Paul Javier Faustino
3. Jomattz Quiambao
4. Leio CarLo
5. Jaewook Park
6. Gabby Dario
7.Justin Famatigan
8. Wee Remigio
9. Florenz Julian Trinidad
10. Herby YoungGtrix Dcp
11. Alex Centeno
12. John Samuel Lozano Villanueva
13. Christopher Sy
14. Luck Lasam
15. Eyang Recoter
16. Iam Jek
17. Ray ThaSnatch Samosa
18. RJ Martinez
19. Gabriel Hipolito
20. Ramo Bais
21. Gifford J Quidlat
22. Jemie-Grace Calonge
23. Paulpete Cercenia
24. John Ray Castillo
25. Chloe Chotrani
26. Jomo Tan
27. Alexander Mari Dela Cruz
28. Lawrence Tapalla
29. Broderic Dytoc
30. Iris Quintana
31. Gio Manlangit
32. Johndel Artny Bautista
33. James Montalvo
34. Lucksley Maravilla RN
35. Martin Riggs Nuñez
36. Daniel Mendoza
37. John Roman Bernard Estrada
38. Neil Russell Bilon
39. Gifford J Quidlat
40. Jeans Claveria
41. Trischa Padilla
42. Felix Espina
43. Paolo Angelino Guerrero
44. Kristina Cabochan
45. Luke Lasam
46. Mikee Galvez
47. Ryan Termoso
48. Aki Chan
49. Mark Jim Callos
50. Roz Manlangit
51. Carl Flor
52. Rolan Buloron
53. Nicole Masaquel Bueno
54. Allaine Pila
55. Jeremiah De Asis
56. Markie Laderas
57. Karl Francisco
58. Brylle Obra

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