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DAVAO CITY – On February 17, 2013 Groove Unlimited Dance Community (GUDC) came together as one family to celebrate yet another milestone for their Dance School for the year (SY 2012-2013). A year of training  classes and workshops, it’s that time again to give recognition to all the teachers, staff and most especially the students. Event was held at the NCCC Mall of Davao, Matina Crosssing Ma-a Road.

THE CULMINATION is an annual event to officially end another great school year. It is a day to recognize works, individuals, talents, dancers, choreographers, crews and groups of their achievements, accomplishments and contribution to GUDC and to the community.

The Culmination replaced the February/March Groove Stylz event. Groove Stylz formally became a summer event of the GUDC starting 2010. – GUDC


(video by Bryan Grandeza)



(Recognition) For organizing/ conducting events and workshops

1. Allianz

2. Alternative Groove

3. Bandila Fusion

4. D12

5. Distinct Feature


7. Groove Unlimited

8. JAZ Up Danz Crew

9. Lord’s Artwerkz

10. Offlimitz

11. B-side Tribe

12. Popping Tribe

13. Happy Tribe

14. Thesis


Most Improved Dancer

1. Stephen Rey Estilo (JAZ Up Danz Crew)

2. Harvey Mateus (Alternative Groove)

3. Jan Aleksei Larion (Bandila Fusion)

4. Kyle Galvez (D12)

5. Kleizer Gata (Distinct Feature)

6. Joseph Joshua Franco (Allianz)

7. April Janine Uyan (FACES)

8. Dexter Guibone (Groove Unlimited)

9. Jed Sumampong (B-side Tribe)

10. Alfred Jett Grandeza (Thesis)

Most Improved Crew: Alternative Groove

Special Awards:

1. Groove Unlimited for being the first to represent Davao City in an international hip-hop dance competition.

2. KZ Tandingan for winning the 1st X Factor Philippines.

3. Gerald Manangan for sharing his knowledge and expertise in the field of dance.

4. Dan Salvana for sharing his knowledge and expertise in the field of dance.

5. The Academy as the most promising crew of Davao City.

6. NCCC mall of Davao for the support given to GUDC for the entire school year.

6. Smashville Fitness Center for the support given to GUDC for the entire school year.


1. Mediamen, photographers, bloggers for the support given to GUDC

2. Incoming Graduates and Board Passers

3. All GUDC abroad

4. All visiting dance teachers

5. All crews who represented Davao City in regional and national competitions\

Kool-Lab Project Awards:

Most Attended Class  : Ian and Keeshia (56 students)

Best Select Group  : Ian and Keeshia’s Class

(Kyle Galvez, Kim Fong, Bon Vidoy, LP Solarte, Merlyn Alair)

Faculty of the Year  : Kevin and Pax

Duo Competition Champs : Jan Carlo Jabonete and Sarah Jessica Bravo

Special thanks to “The Respect” by GCC clothing line for the prizes



1. Dilam and Nikki (2007-2008 Champ)

2. Lex (2009-2010 Champ)

3. LP & Tzum (2010-2011 Champ)

4. Kareena (2010-2011 Champ)

Guest Performers: One of GUDC’s commitment is to help give the much needed exposure to groups who are just starting by offering them intermission spots in the programs.

1.The Comeback

2. Southpoint School Dance Club

3. Fresh Lips

4. Reverent Knack (Kidapawan city)

5. The Academy (Awardee)

Photo of the Year: “the Prayer” by Sarah Dayrit

Video of the Year: Aike Putian — How Many Drinks by Miguel

(Video by Gianne Carlo Chua)

GUDC Extends their heartfelt gratitude to those who have helped in making The Culmination a huge success:

SPECIAL THANKS TO EVERYONE for the love and support.. for continuously believing in us.. for inspiring us.. you are the reason for all these.. 

  • EMCEES — for the great help in making the event a memorable one.
LA Subido
Aya Merquita
Jabs Umpar
  • STAFF and all volunteers– for all the help and assistance in the entire skool year
1. Sarah Aquino
2. Eyah Redona
3. Shen Sabater
4. Zai2 Factolarin
5. Jay Lagmay
6. Pamblo Balones
*Aldrin of JAZ Up for assisting in the stage preparation
  • COUNCIL — for offering their expertise by sharing their talents, skills and experience to the dance community
1. bboying — Gino Royo, Keanu Penas, Kevin Descalsota, Jonathan Endonela, Roel Ares
2. Popping — Bjorn Ortega, Takahiro Kaneko, Jackrey Capidtoan
3. Freestyling — Gats Lopez, Alfred Jett Grandeza, Josh Abella, Jan aleksei larion, Karl Jarabello
4. Waacking & Vogueing — Jhoey Zulueta, Kevin Jan Fruto, Brian Berenguela, Stephen Estilo, Kenneth Alquirez
  • FACULTY — for offering their expertise by sharing their talents, skills and experience to the dance community
  • CREWS and TEAMS — for helping out in keeping our events and activities worth attending
  • Photo credits to Gianne Carlo Chua and Reverent Knack
We also would like to congratulate and wish everyone, who qualified for the Dance Delight Philippines Volume 1 which will be held this March in Manila, all the best. Most especially to all Mindanao Crews, Exquizyth, Crossover, XI Region and Urban Myx


Also announced during the event were selected 10 Teams for GUDC’s upcoming Groove Stylz. Happening on May 26, 2013 at CAP Auditorium.

1. Allianz

2. Alternative Groove

3. Distinct Feature

4. D12

5. Faces

6. Fusion

7. Groove Unlimited

8. JAZ Up Danz Crew

9. Lord’s Artwerkz

10. Offlimitz (Kidapawan City)

11. B-side

12. Rhythmic Illusion (guest performer)

Stay tuned for Groove Stylz updates all the way from Davao’s premier dance community, GUDC.


2013 – Rafi

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