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Ellen Kim . Hooligans in SF


It’s 2012!! Hope everyone had a wonderful time with your familia and friends! To start this year off right, I wanted to post up my first concept video. It represents where I came from (San Francisco) and a bit of the style of dancing I first started with. Back then, before Youtube, my friends and I would dance around in the streets, schools, bus, and parties…just vibing off of each other and the music. Never did I think it would take me this far and become my career! Going back to my roots, this is basically a glimpse of my past that I wanted to share with you.

Don’t forget your roots and the passion that drives you. It will make you appreciate every step in your journey.

Hope you enjoy! God Bless.

Thank You:

Kanauru (Richard Che and Qui Troung)
Krystal Meraz
Cj ‘Pharside’ Jennings
Pat Cruz
Mike Fallorina
Momma Baik

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  1. January 5, 2012 at 9:33 am

    Oh I idolize Ellen Kim for her great style of dancing ..
    hope her to be here in Philippines to perform in some big events or to have a dance workshop for all the Filipino Dancers ..

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