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The Vibe Team Philippines – Vol 1

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The Vibe Team Philippines is a group new to the international dance scene, perhaps even the youtube community. Most of its members train and are part of The Crew, a longstanding Philippine based dance crew founded by Jerome Dimalanta who also spearheads the school based dance group, the UP Streetdance Club, of the University of the Philippines Diliman. After The Vibe founder and director Fao Phong Cao collaborated with The Crew in bringing over international choreographers to the local Philippine dance scene in 2011, he recognized the Philippines’ unique talent for streetdance, but also realized that many local dancers lacked the exposure and opportunity to bring their talents overseas. And so, with the goal of bringing The Crew to the international scene and represent the country where they harnessed their unique style in mind, Fao brought together select members of The Crew and formed The Vibe Team Philippines.

So for our very first set, “The Vibe Team Philippines – Vol 1”.

This set was a pretty crazy and fun experience for the group. Many members are still studying in school, some are working, and others are also active dancers. Since work and school took up most of our days, we only had from about 10pm-12am each day to come up with the routine, sometimes even up until 1 or 2 in the morning, haha! We had to overcome a lot of different obstacles within this week, not just choreography, but problems in arranging venues, late start times, last minute edits to the mix, and to even who would write this write up! Haha. It’s definitely an experience that has brought the group closer together and we’re just really excited to share our first set with you. Hope you enjoy and thanks for watching!

The Vibe Team Philippines rehearsals schedule for episode 1:
Day 1: choreo (2 hours)
Day 2: choreo/blocking (2 hours)
Day 3: Blocking/cleaning (3 hours)
Day 4: Blocking/cleaning/highlights (3 hours)
Day 5: cleaning/tech rehearsal (3 hours)
Day 6: Filming

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