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Look Who’s Coming to Manila this September

Watch out for more details!



Gigi Torres is originally from Irvine, CA, she has been training in all areas of dance from the age of 3. She is an worldwide instructor, sharing her knowledge and love for dance from the East Coast to the West Coast and overseas in Europe, Asia, South America, and Australia.

Gigi’s choreography credits are So You Think You Can Dance Scandinavia, Ukraine, & Poland, Choreographer’s Carnival Hollywood from 2005-present, Funkanometry, Breed OCLA, Kaba Modern, etc. She has choreographed for artists Richard Tanumi, Clara, Bobby Brackins, & Zoe Myers. Gigi is the Director/Founder of the All-Female Dance Company “Essence” for 5 years strong.

Some of her dance credits include Asia Entertainment SanJose, Pussycat Dolls, Snoop Dogg Live in Vegas, Mims, Lee Hom ft Jin’s Music Video “Heroes of the Earth and ” Michael Jordan Commercial “Second Generation.”

Gigi lives by the Essence Motto “Just Be…& Live.” Inspire and Be Inspired…keep the cycle of inspiration going. ♥

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