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Ellen Kim – My Journey

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This is my journey from the Philippines. I was there for ten days with the Mahal Foundation. I hope you can watch this clip and get a feel for what the Mahal Foundation does for the orphans in the Philippines. Please try to start your year by giving. Check out their website, ‘HelpMahal.org’. These kids have definitely changed my life. They come from poverty, abuse, abandonment, drugs, etc. To see this firsthand was very humbling. Pictures definitely do not show you the full effect of what these kids go through. I am blessed to have experienced this, especially for Christmas.

I miss everyone on the trip so much!! Dyanne Wheat, Erin Marie, Alina Kim, Suzie Rhee, Yuri Oshimura, Del Augusta, Joe Oh, Justin Yu (Abu Modern), Incheol Yu, Michael Pham, Ethan Lee and Isaac Han.

A big THANK YOU to all who has donated and supported me to get to this journey. Also to Del Augusta. I could not have done this without you. God Bless you all.

RFI Enterprises
Steven Lewis (my lovely father)
Joanne Baik (my lovely mother)
Wendy Klein (my lovely Klein family)
Stacey Vu
KayLee Nguyen
Adela Vanikova
Daniel Kang
Mia Kim
Lily Kim
Joanne Jalandoni
Robert Tye
Allen Liu
IJay Espinoza

*if you have donated, please let me know!!

My lovely Suzie Rhee, Joe Oh and me!

Thank You so much for everyone’s support and always showing me love. I can never ask for anything else.

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